Breast Surgery Rehab

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Effective Stretching is a crucial component of Breast Surgery Rehabilitation.


  • Promotes effective movement as soon as possible after surgery.
  • Restores and maintains range of motion and flexibility.
  • Prevents the fluid retention that can lead to lymphedema.
  • Relieves stiffness in neck, back, chest and shoulders.
  • Restores and maintains structural alignment (posture).
  • Relieves pain and tension.
  • Reduces scar tissue and promotes healing.
  • Deep breathing during stretching recovers lung capacity promotes relaxation.

To be effective, stretching needs to be done the point of resistance, and then held at that resistance point long enough to release tightness in the tissue affected by the surgery.

To learn more about tissue release, please go to our article about fascia.

Many breast surgery clients find it difficult to do stretches correctly when trying to do so from drawings on a piece of paper.

PRSI Stretching for Breast Surgery Rehab is an easy-to-use resource for effective stretching.  In the program, each stretch is demonstrated slowly, move by move, by an animated stretch partner.

PRSI Stretching for BSR delivers 31 user friendly, therapeutic stretches to help you in your rehab at a time when continued movement is essential.

Please go to our Store to purchase a copy of PRSI Stretching for BSR.

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